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A 25 hour period. 9am to following day 10am (latest)

Depending on what time your dog arrives with us will vary the order of the day but all stays include.

Meals (We can provide wet and dry food if required)

2 to 3 walks depending on the capabilities of your pet.

Play and interaction sessions.

Indoor and outdoor activities.

Lunchtime nap.

Cuddles and down time.

Sleepover in our comfortable, spacious home.

*WE CAN NOT TAKE DOGS ON AN ADHOC BASIS *as we are not kennels.

£35.00 per 25hrs


We DO NOT take dogs on an adhoc basis. ALL dogs need to attend regular daycare prior to boarding, ALWAYS.

dog running with toy


9am-5pm period, Tuesday to Friday.

CLOSED to day care intake on Mondays.

10am-4pm period, Weekends

If you want a day out or  are  working we offer 8 hour day care with some "Out of hours" flexibility.

Dogs arriving at 9am to 10am will be settled in.

Two walks are included depending on it's capabilities and energy levels.

Play and interaction sessions.


Lunchtime nap between 12 and 2pm.

Cuddles and down time.

Full supervision.




Post pandemic, we are seeing many dogs struggling with lack of socialization.

Here at Barker's we have plenty of secure spaces, enriching games and canine company.

We offer one-to-one sessions to help your dog learn how to play and interact with other dogs in a safe environment, with the aim for you to be able to continue the work at home making for a happy , confident pup!

£20.00 per hour.

Sessions can be booked after an initial consultation.

Three Big Puppies
Puppy and Young dog social interaction Sessions

Puppies learn about how the world works from those who know, their parents, their siblings and of course you.

Removing a puppy from its natural family at just 8 weeks creates a void of knowledge, experience and security.

It's your job to fill that void and help your puppy grow into a kind, happy, well rounded.well trained dog.

Whilst we as humans can teach our dogs to be pets, only other dogs can teach them how to behave, act and read others body language.

Giving your dog confidence will in turn give you confidence , creating a natural, healthy, repectful bond.

Our one to one sessions will  give your pup all the help it needs!

Conference Facility

On site parking for 50 cars.

Conference/Meetings/Group activities.

Canteen/Refreshments available.

Available for hire for 20+ people.

Small to medium sized groups.

Please contact Helen for prices, details and availability.


Barker's   "Posh~Wash" 


We have outstanding dog washing facilities.

Designed to cater for even the largest dog. We have a warm water walk~in shower & plenty of space for that all important "Shake"!

We use specialist shampoos and conditioners and have a professional, super quiet drier, grooming tables and massage table.

Having a Bath

Barker's Beach.

Per Hour session.

Ideal for group and clubs wanting somewhere to meet, play and train.

We have a large private carpark (second signposted entrance)


Our fully secure 150 ft x 65 ft Arena is newly sanded.

We have toys, balls and agility equipment available.

Floodlit for evening and dusk use.

Electricity for PA systems.

Canteen for refreshments available.

Charges Vary.

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